Thursday, 22 November 2012

Favourites of 1997

I have been photographing the Sydney Gay and Lesbian parade for many years now and my aim is for as many people as possible to share the event, especially those who take part in the spectacle each year. A big thank you to Larry at pinkboard and Elizabeth's Newtown gallery for their support over the years.
I have literally thousands of photos, far too many to upload to a blog like this.
So this blog will be a selection of my favourites from each year. To see ALL THE PHOTOS, good bad or ugly, please go to my flickr account, which is a work in progress as there are so many to be up-loaded! 
Images are copyright except for personal use by anyone in a photo.
My second year of photographing the parade. 

Pre-parade 1997

This photo was published in the Star Observer ( local gay paper)






If you are wondering about the fish, fries and lemons theme, at the time we had an awful far right politician called Pauline Hanson who at one stage had owned a fish and chip shop!




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